Accessory Pack for Polycarbonate Filters



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The accessory pack, Stock# P48AP, contains several items to facilitate handling and staining polycarbonate membranes. It includes a filter wiper that may be mounted on a ring stand, one large and one small filter clamp, and two pairs of curved, stainless steel forceps. The implements are used to wipe non-migrated cells off the top of a filter and while fixing and staining the migrated cells. For more detail on these procedures, see the protocol for staining polycarbonate filters.

These accessories may also be purchased individually.

Filter wiper – Stock# P48W

Large clamp – Stock# P48CL – a wide plastic clamp to keep the filter extended widthwise

Small clamp – Stock# P48CS – a stainless steel clamp to act as a weight, keeping the filter extended lengthwise while wiping it or dipping it in fixative and staining solutions

Forceps – Stock# P48F

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