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Replacement gaskets are precision items manufactured from silicone rubber. Gaskets for 96-well chambers are 1.5mm thick. All others are .8mm thick. Many researchers choose to keep a second gasket on hand and alternate using the two. The gasket not in use is soaked in an enzyme detergent solution (e.g., Terg-a-Zyme from Alconox, Inc.) overnight to reduce risk of protein contamination. It should then be thoroughly rinsed with distilled, deionized water, dried, and stored in a clean environment. If your chamber is used every day, you might switch weekly, while if used only once or twice a week you might alternate once a month. Gaskets should never be immersed in solvents or in chlorine or sodium hydroxide solutions, as they will absorb and later bleed these solutions, but they may be autoclaved. Please refer to the Cleaning and Sterilizing instructions.

Note – for the A3BP48, you should order 2 gaskets.

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Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 0.1 in
Chamber Type

A3BP48, AA10, AA12, AA96, AB96, AC96, AC48, AP48, MBA96, MBB96, MBC96

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